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Real-Eyes Personal & Organisation Development has been in existence since February 2007. Its Lead-Consultant, Matthew Gregory, has spent the last twenty years helping individuals, teams and organisations that need to change, raise their game or transform themselves. The name reflects two ways it can add value to its clients:

  1. On one level, agreeing strategy is easy; the tough part according to many1 is in implementing it. We have developed an expertise in helping individuals, teams and organisations to work through the implementation challenges of change initiatives (political, personal change, resistance, emotions) and to Real-Eyes their aspirations!

  2. Most people who have worked in organisations for any length of time will know how difficult it can be to be honest about what is getting in the way of improving performance. This seems to be a common phenomenon2 . We have developed a way of working that is authentic and challenging and doesn’t dodge the difficult conversations. We have found that by just being honest and naming things as we see them it is often enough to catalyse individuals and teams into make rapid progress with an issue - the power of bringing Real-Eyes to situations.


1 Bossidy L, Charan R, Burck C (2002) ‘Execution: The discipline of getting things done.’ Random House,   London
2 Perlow L (2003) ‘Is silence killing your company?’ Harvard Business Review, May 2003

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